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Larry Allen, managing director at BDO USA, discusses what contractors should look into as Q3 approaches, and the importance of a rapport with federal counterparts.

With the fiscal year marching forward, contractors are starting to prepare for the next fiscal year. Larry Allen, managing director at BDO USA, says that they need to make sure they’re cultivating positive relationships with agencies.


“We are doing with business with other people. Government is wary about the people they don’t know about. If you have trust, if you have an established relationship, it will make getting that business much more easy…” Allen said. “…In my experience, you can work and get a meeting with a new federal agency. It is important. You can go so far in terms of showing what expertise is, what your experience is. If you can’t develop that rapport, you can’t develop that trust, you are going to be a little behind the curve when it comes to competing with a company that has been in there and has actually performed in that office.”

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