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Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) discusses why he hopes the government’s new parental leave policy will set an example for the private sector and what he’s doing to support federal employees in his district.

Congress guaranteed family leave for federal employees in the 2020 NDAA. Starting next year, new parents will be able to take several weeks off from their federal positions. Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) says that this new policy will hopefully set the standard across the nation.


“We don’t have paid family medical leave nationally. There are big corporations that have it, but many, many businesses don’t have it. I think it makes the federal government an ever more attractive place to work,” Beyer said. “As you know, a huge part of the workforce is getting near retirement age. We will have to recruit from the best and brightest of the next generation to keep our workforce strong. It gets smaller every year. The ratio to federal worker to U.S. citizen is the lowest it has been in our lifetimes. We really want people to say, ‘I want to go work for the federal government and partly because I can raise a family.’”

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