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Michael Rigas, deputy director of the Office of Personnel Management, discusses why OPM is pushing for better employee standards, and how agencies can better reward high-performing workers.

A new memo by acting Office of Personnel Management Director Margaret Weichert says that the agency wants higher performance standards for government employees. In return, OPM would like to see plans to improve rewards for high-performers. Michael Rigas, deputy director of OPM, says that they want to shift to a better culture across agencies.


“We want to make sure that what we are moving towards is a culture that recognizes and rewards high performers, and we have plenty of high performers in government,” Rigas said. “You see some really outstanding work being done by civil servants in the federal government and we want to make sure that people who are reaching those levels and really breaking barriers in the kinds of work they do that go above and beyond, or have real critical skillsets that the federal government needs, are recognized and rewarded.”

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