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Mike Herrinton, U.S. Government & Public Sector leader and partner at EY, discusses what takeaways OMB could have from Cloud Smart comments, and how an updated cloud strategy will impact the federal government.

The Cloud Smart policy represents the largest update to the federal government’s cloud strategy in 8 years. As the policy draft’s public comment period closes on Wednesday, stakeholders are influencing how the Office of Management and Budget will proceed with the update. Mike Herrinton, U.S. Government & Public Sector leader and partner at EY, says that creating a good cloud policy will help accomplish the goals laid out in the President’s Management Agenda.

“Cloud is going to be a foundation that really sets the stage for the ability to accelerate across the management agenda, the reorganization objectives and so forth,” Herrinton said. “We’ve seen, particularly from the private sector, that if you really set a good base, get your data in the right place and really understand it, what really becomes beneficial is the ability to have the tools… to do the kind of analysis and support that is necessary to accelerate those mission objectives.”

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