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Roger Waldron, president of the Coalition for Government Procurement, details the GSA schedule consolidation process, and the approach that leadership could take in the next phase.

The General Services Administration has completed their goal of merging 24 acquisition schedules into one, but it’s simply the first phase in an ongoing reorganization project for the Federal Acquisition Service. Roger Waldron, president of the Coalition for Government Procurement says that the next steps are to establish new infrastructure and bring contractors on board with the new system.

“They have gone from 900 line items down to 300 line items. They have taken those steps and they’re being really smart about it in the sense that it is going to be a phased approach that come January 1, 2020, current contractors will be able to sign up for the mass mod and provide the new structure, line items, new clauses and they will have 6 months to actually negotiate, work with the GSA and work towards how they are going to consolidate,” Waldron said. “It is a smart phased approach, evolutionary in a certain sense, they’re also going to have to update their systems over time and they’re targeting July of 2020 to get eBuy up and running… With Allen leaving, he worked to set it up for the next phases, the foundation is there to move forward on it.”

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