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The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has issued an expanded plan for remote work and telework for its employees. Those teleworking must report to the office at least two days per pay period, and remote workers are not required to come in to the office on a regular basis.

  • Malcom Shorter, deputy assistant secretary for administration at USDA, said the department surveyed workers to figure out which jobs could be remote and which could have telework, and the mission areas are weighing that with customer needs to determine how many days employees come in.
  • Shorter said USDA decided on two office days because sometimes missions require people to be in the office and said the new policy is making a tremendous impact on the workforce.
  • He said the policy is here to stay, at least under the current administration, and is a living document that USDA will use as a tool for the workforce of the future.

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