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Aaron Weis, Navy chief information officer, details his goals for IT at the branch, and the changes needed to update their technology architecture.

The position of Navy chief information officer has been reestablished. After the portfolio lived in the Office of the Under Secretary for years, new Navy CIO Aaron Weis has a lot on his plate. He tells Government Matters that one of his top priorities is updating the branch’s technology approach.

“It is a multifaceted problem. Underpinning that is that the infrastructure that the Navy works off of is, from an industry CIO perspective, probably 10 to 15 years behind where it should be,” Weis said. “Equally important is that we have a cultural modification that we have to go through. We need to bring cybersecurity’s culture in the Navy from a culture of security by compliance, to one that is more of a security of a state of always being, where cybersecurity is a part of everyone’s job.”

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