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The Military Health System is the backbone of health readiness for the Department of Defense. This global health care organization is responsible for both maintaining a medically ready force and for providing a ready medical force that is prepared to respond to the full spectrum of military operations. Join us for an in-depth discussion with experts from Booz Allen Hamilton. We’ll explore a new perspective on how the medical centers, hospitals, and clinics that serve as the foundation of modern military medical care can meet the readiness expectations placed upon them. Featured Speakers from Booz Allen Hamilton:

  • Francis Rose, Host, Government Matters, and Panel Moderator
  • Paul Hutter, Executive Advisor, Military Health, Defense and Intelligence Group
  • Scott Barr, Senior Vice President and Lead, Military Health, Defense and Intelligence Group
  • George Weightman, MD, Major General, US Army (ret), Senior Advisor, Defense and Intelligence Group

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Short Video Clips from the 30-Minute Show on March 9, 2017

Building resilience across the Military Health System (MHS) through systematic and institutionalized approaches

Creating a path forward to become a High Reliability Organization (HRO)


This program is presented by the Government Matters Thought Leadership Network and technical partner Booz Allen Hamilton.