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Chris Mihm, managing director of strategic issues at GAO, details the new report on reducing duplication and overlap, and how the government can implement the recommendations.

The Government Accountability Office says in their new duplication report that there are dozens of ways that the government can save money. The 9th annual report acts as a roadmap for Congress and Federal agencies to develop more effective management, and keep costs down. Chris Mihm, managing director of strategic issues at GAO, says that while implementing every recommendation can be hard, getting started is easy.


Agencies are not trying to dodge the issue. What we often hear is there’s competing priorities that they have. There’s an awful lot they’re working on, a lot coming at them, these types of issues are very difficult to deal with. They’re very time consuming. There can be capacity gaps within agencies. We hear that they take a lot of effort over many years in some cases and sustaining that attention across political leaders and administrations and that can be very difficult to do,” Mihm said. “We tell them it is the basic principles of good project management, making sure that you have the capacity in place, making sure that you also have effective coordination mechanisms in place. You’re reaching out to others that can and should be working with you in a coordinated way to achieve the outcomes that you want.”

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