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Assistant Commissioners Harry Lee and Dominic Sale from the General Services Administration’s Technology Transformation Services, discuss their role in overhauling the TTS and how their experience will help the agency achieve success.

As part of their reorganization efforts, the General Services Administration’s Technology Transformation Services office has implemented two new roles. These new assistant commissioners each will take a different aspect of the office’s cross-government goals. Harry Lee, assistant commissioner for Clients and Marketing at TTS, says that he’s a good fit for his new position.

“This is really all about ‘How do we take those teams that are focusing in their different swim lanes and really drive a more compelling offer to the agencies we serve?’ which will help those agencies deliver on their mission to their constituents,” Lee said. “I come from the technology world in the private sector. My background is in growing and scaling technical consulting organizations. This is a natural fit for me. I’m impressed by what the team’s capabilities are today. But, the strategy is all about how do we, again, drive collaboration and solutions that span those different teams.”

Dominic Sale, assistant commissioner for solutions at TTS, says that the time has never been better for technology in government.

“It is a great time to be in federal IT. There’s great alignment from the President’s Management Agenda on down. Through GSA, Emily Murphy, Alan Thomas, and now Anil, we’re all focused on doing the same things,” Sale said. “That is the theme of what this new group is about. It is about focusing on doing a few things and doing them well, and getting everyone to row in the same direction.”

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