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Steve Orrin, federal chief technology officer at Intel, discusses the history and future of the government’s strategic computing efforts.

The National Science Foundation is looking to create monstrously powerful computers to solve the world’s largest questions. To achieve this, the agency will fund private sector research into cutting edge technologies like exascale and quantum computers. Steve Orrin, federal chief technology officer at Intel, says that these computers  could be radically different to anything resembling consumer technology.


Computing is changing over the last several years. What worked on your desk and what even works in the cloud needs to continue to evolve in order to meet those next challenges. One of the key changes that we’ve seen in the last couple years, and this is part of why this new RFI is interesting, is the shift from a one-size-fits-all approach to a heterogeneous compute architecture. Where it’s providing the right type of computers and hardware and software working together in concert to be able to solve those big problems. It’s doing the right computing at the right location. Whether it’s at your desktop, where you’re doing computing at ‘the edge’ or in the cloud or at a separate computer where you have a combination of technologies and architectures working in concert to be able to solve those big problems.”

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CyberNation: Cloud Migration

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February 2021
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