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Larry Allen, managing director of the Federal Market Access Group at BDO USA, discusses why GSA is changing up their acquisition system, and why it’s made some contractors upset.

The General Services Administration is moving tech contract acquisition from the CALM program to their new COMET system. Larry Allen, managing director of the Federal Market Access Group at BDO USA, LLP, says that this move has puzzled and frustrated contractors.


“It was a little bit of a surprise when GSA announced that after all the COMET bids were due, ‘Oh, we’re going to use COMET to rewrite our contract writing system, and all the companies that had participated in CALM and had anticipated working on the CALM version two, suddenly were like, ‘wait a minute, we would’ve bid on that had we known,’” Allen said. “I have talked to a number of people in industry over the last few months. There’s always some vagueness surrounding COMET. Why is it there? What’s going to be there? Who’s going to use it? What role does it fill? GSA didn’t really seem to have any specifics. Ironically now we do.”

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