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Alan Chvotkin, executive VP and counsel at the Professional Services Council, discusses how contractors can better prepare for a shutdown, and the impact the previous government shutdown had on companies.

As we get close to the end of a continuing resolution, contractors are wondering about the possibility of another government shutdown happening in 2019. While it’s looking less likely now that one will happen, the eventuality might still occur. Alan Chvotkin, executive VP and counsel at the Professional Services Council, says that in case of a shutdown it’s important to have your plan ready before your government contacts are placed on furlough.


“The government’s rules say you’re on furlough or people were simply unavailable. That is the wrong time to start looking for information. That’s why we try to give our member companies a heads up. What are the kinds of questions to be asking, for the information they need, Some has to come from government and you need to start asking these questions now.”  Chvotkin said. “Hopefully this week the Congress will pass an extension of the continuing resolution through the middle of December. We have about 5 or 6 weeks lead time. Don’t wait until the day before, or the night before, or worst, the day after to start asking questions.”

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