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Eric Crusius, Partner at Holland & Knight, delves into the Defense Department’s decision to award the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract to Microsoft

The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud computing contract was awarded to Microsoft by the Defense Department — for the second time, after a 10-month long legal battle filed by top contract contender, Amazon Web Services. The $10 billion contract has come under the fire of several controversies and delays prior to the legal protests spanning over two years. Eric Crusius, partner at Holland & Knight, has followed the JEDI cloud contract award proceedings from the beginning and says that although not unprecedented, it has been a long process for a contract of its critical nature.

“I think we’re still at least three or four months away from a final decision, but this case is a lot more complicated. We have an agency-level protest that was also filed by Amazon, so there’s a lot of branches of this protest tree, and it’s going to take a while to bring those all in together for a final resolution,” said Crusius.

The news of DoD awarding the JEDI contract to Microsoft again prompted Amazon Web Services to post a blog calling the contract award “politically corrupted.” According to a statement given to NextGov, Microsoft is “ready to get to work and make sure that those who serve our country have access to this much needed technology.”

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