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Nick Sinai, venture partner at Insight Venture Partners, discusses what may be in the final Federal Data Strategy, and the importance of reskilling and upskilling initiatives.

OMB is reviewing feedback on the draft federal data strategy, after hosting an event on the proposal. The early reactions indicate that the government has to lock down funding and leadership. Nick Sinai, venture partner at Insight Venture Partners, says that improving data skillsets within government is key to a successful data strategy.


“It is nice that OPM has added data scientists on a job classification, and I think that it’s important that job classifications reflect the private-sector terminology. We need to make sure that we have a broader focus on reskilling and upskilling when it comes to data,” Sinai said. “It’s really back to that culture of analytics that you see is contagious. In agencies, you’ll see that there’s all kinds of folks who have acquired analytics and data skills themselves online. That’s where they focus their education. Because they want to have an impact on their career inside of government and potentially outside of government. You see the workforce already doing this and so we need to make sure we are empowering them on a broad basis.”

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