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Maj Gen Suzanne "Zan" Vaultrinot (USAF-Ret.), president of Kilovolt Consulting, discusses why it’s important to loop procurement officers into military exercises, and why risk is something to be embraced.

Through methods like Other Transaction Authority, the military is trying to speed up their acquisition of new technology, but employing good risk management strategies is key to any cutting-edge procurement. Maj Gen Suzanne “Zan” Vaultrinot (USAF-Ret.), president of Kilovolt Consulting, told Government Matters at the NCMA World Congress in Boston that military acquisition professionals need to always keep moving into the future.

“If you are not willing to move forward, you die. You would think the government and particularly the military would understand that. That you have to be moving forward. But in certain pockets, and particularly contact management acquisitions, when you see so many rules in front of you, you get into that mode where you are afraid,” Vaultrinot said. “…We just have to get them out of that sense of ‘I’m afraid to move forward.’ because risk is something to be embraced. Once you understand it, you can take the next step, and that is creating opportunity. That is exactly what their role is in government. If they are able to do that, then we’re all going to succeed.”

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