Is Your Agency Blind to Cyber Risks?


Here is David Otto, CISSP, High Value Asset Program Manager for DHS, Federal Network Resilience and Clark Campbell, Vice President of Public Sector, BDNA.

Sponsored: Do you remember the driver’s education classes you took as a teenager? Checking blind spots was one of the very first things we all learned. You wouldn’t consider making a turn or pulling out of a parking spot without scanning to check your blind spots.

The same concept should be taken into account for government agencies and their cybersecurity strategies. If you’re not properly scanning and checking for cybersecurity vulnerabilities, then you’re at risk of being attacked in a blind spot.

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You’ll learn:

  • Why legacy systems are potentially more vulnerable than other systems in your network.
  • How to enhance existing IT data to proactively monitor risks.
  • The challenges and best practices of addressing risks posed by your end-of-life IT assets.