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In this extended interview, James “Hondo” Geurts, Assistant Secretary for Research, Development, & Acquisition at the U.S. Navy discusses how the branch is looking to speed up acquisition, and the importance of “organizational humility.”

The Navy is looking to acquire new technology at a rapid pace. To get the latest innovations into the hands of sailors faster, the Navy is trying new methods and new ways of thinking about acquistition. James “Hondo” Geurts, Assistant Secretary for Research, Development, & Acquisition at the Navy, says that streamlining the process requires working hand in hand with the private sector


“Part of it is sharing and getting organizational humility that we have don’t have all of the best answers and we don’t have to invent them. The best form of R&D is rip off and deploy. If somebody else is doing it, whether it’s in commercial industry or somewhere else, take it and run.” Geurts said. “I get all of the PEOs, commanders and direct reports once a month. At the beginning of that session is sharing what I call rapid learning moments. Some are successes some are things where we’ve learned that we don’t want to do it this way, we’ll do it a different way.  That way, everybody is building on each other. We’re not each individually innovating from the patient zero perspective.”

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