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Meagan Metzger, founder and CEO of Dcode, discusses how the government can improve the tech procurement process. 

Finding innovative solutions is a top goal for government acquisition professionals, but current acquisition regulations can’t keep up with the state of modern technology. Meagan Metzger, founder and CEO of Dcode, says that procurements need to be sped up to stay relevant.


“We are still writing our procurements, we are buying software the way we buy a tank or ship. A lot of times, it is just spec. We unintentionally block a lot of innovation,” Metzger said. “We run a technology accelerator, and we’ve worked with 70 emerging technologies, from artificial intelligence to space and everything in between. A lot of times, we have seen these companies. They are ready to do business with the government, they’re here to have a big impact, and they can’t bid on something because there’s one line of spec. Software companies in particular, they can put out a thousand of lines code a day. We can’t keep up. By the time we put out our solicitation, our requirements are already antiquated. What we need to do is write our statement of work, tell us what you need and let industry surprise you instead of telling us detail by detail what you think you know.”


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