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A panel of industry experts share their views on the OMB data strategy items, and what it means for chief data officers, contractors, and overall data use in government.

The Office of Management and Budget unveiled their draft data strategy last week with a 16-item action list. With a deadline to implement the plan by next year, the data community is looking to get involved with the agencies. Government Matters assembled a panel of experts from industry to give their perspectives.


Nick Hart, CEO, Data Coalition—

“There’s a very clear starting point. The plan outlines that the agencies need good governance processes around data. It requires very clear leadership in every single agency around how they will actually execute a plan that makes sense for the agency. One of the things that’s essential is a chief data officer.”


Monica McEwen, VP Public Sector, ThoughtSpot—

“Because each agency is at a different point in their data journey, action five states that they’re going to develop a repository of tools. Technology has changed a lot in the last ten years. Cloud and IoT didn’t exist and analytics is still largely done in Excel. I think it’s critical that agencies engage with industry because commercial companies are using modern technologies that have been built with architectures to scale to these large data volumes.”


Peter Anih, CTO, DynaNet—

The CDO will have a large challenge on their hands for understanding the types of data that their agency has, is using, is being requested to and from, and then what they should do to secure that data, enable that data and so on.”

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