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In this special two-part interview, Lisa Hershman, acting chief management officer at the Department of Defense, details priorities for management at the Pentagon, and how the audit is informing her office’s decisions.

One of the first targets for Defense Secretary Esper’s ‘Night Court’ reviews are the department’s fourth estate agencies. The chief management officer at the Pentagon will have a huge role in conducting these reviews. Lisa Hershman, acting CMO at the Department of Defense.

“I think in the past we’ve looked at each of the agencies or field activities as individual entities. So that has its merits, but we also need to look across those organizations. For instance, we have Washington headquarter services. Defense Logistics Agency, and the DFAS team that all do hiring. And so, how they’re doing their own DAFA is one thing but then what should we be looking for in terms of a single, streamlined hiring process? And then how do we better utilize our resources?”


Hershman told Government Matters that the audit is instrumental in her work to streamline the Department and that data is the key to a successful effort.


“So, working closely with comptroller, my chief data officer and the data scientists that work for him, as well as engaging with other organization’s data folks. There is a governance council that brings all of the data professionals together and they review these,” Hershman said. “They look at the data. They look at the sources that are feeding into this database. I have a high level of confidence that we’ve got some really smart people at DoD and it’s a new process, but it seems to be one that’s working.”

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