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No agency aced the latest Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act scorecard. David Powner, author of the FITARA scorecard, joined “Government Matters” to discuss how scores have changed and what the report card could look like in the next administration.

Three agencies improved their FITARA scores in the latest report card, but five agencies received lower scores.

“It’s nice to see the evolution of the scorecard,” Powner said. “They added a very important category on the EIS modern network contract at GSA that we need to have in place so that our IT sits at a modern infrastructure.”

He said he expects to see more changes to the scorecard in the future in cyber, supply chain risk management and vulnerability management.

While some might see the evolution in the FITARA scorecard as a moving target, Powner said the House Oversight and Reform Committee previews new categories six months in advance so agencies have adequate time to prepare.

“I think it’s quite fair,” Powner said.

The software licensing category was recently removed from the FITARA scorecard because every agency received an “A.” Powner said that the category is still an important one, but that there are now performance-based metrics in place to keep agencies focused on software licensing.

He listed several suggestions for IT modernization in the Biden administration. He emphasized the importance of the President’s Management Agenda.

“I would love to see the PMA continue what we did with the Trump administration, focus on legacy modernization,” Powner said.

He also said he hopes the next President’s Management Agenda implements cyber and supply chain risk management. He emphasized the importance of relationships with business owners and Chief Financial Officers in government.

“We need to get out of the gate quickly with the new administration on this legacy challenge,” Powner said.  “We’re not in a situation where you want to wait a year and a half down the road to have those relationships with those key executives and those key chiefs.”

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