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Michael Buser, national program leader for engineering at the USDA Agricultural Research Service, elaborates on how data collected at the agency will help farmers and scientists, and the need to break down data silos.

The USDA’s Agricultural Research Service is looking to make their data more accessible. By making a platform that is accessible to the agency’s 90 research stations, scientists will be able to access information much faster. Michael Buser, national program leader for engineering at the Agricultural Research Service, says the agency is improving data collection by moving away from the organization’s antiquated systems, and breaking down organizational silos.


“We are a very different animal, so to speak. So, when we look at the solutions we need, they need to be very customized. If you think about 2,000 scientists working on just about every aspect of agricultural research, we need very customized solutions on how we collect the data. Also, whenever you look at some of our scientists, say the way some of our folks are working on oysters are utilizing that data, it is very different from what you see [with cotton],” Buser said. “We had a five-year plan that we were going to go do and do evaluation in 2025. I would say in the last two or three months that the timeline has greatly been sped up, and that is due to our working relationship with our private partners.”

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