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Nick Sinai, venture partner at Insight Partners, discusses what the Army’s data strategy might look like, and how agencies are looking to improve customer experience

Army Chief Information Officer Bruce Crawford told Government Matters at AUSA 2019 that leveraging data was very important to their strategy. The new approach to data will emphasize security and usability. Nick Sinai, venture partner at Insight Partners, says that for the Army or any other large organization, it’s important to make data into a strategic asset.


“It gets down to use. Fundamentally it is about the demand side and the usability of the data. That could be usability in training new AI algorithms, it could be used in analytics, for use by the warfighter in software and systems at the tactical edge,” Sinai said. “Fundamentally, it comes back to being able to use it and reuse it. That’s one of the things that I am going to look for. Is data actually findable and usable across the Army enterprise.”

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