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David Case, Deputy Inspector General at the Department of Veterans Affairs, discusses progress made with fixing the Veterans Crisis Hotline, and how the department improved training and technology to support callers.

The Veterans Affairs Inspector General Office says that the agency’s crisis hotline has improved immensely since the IG first made recommendations on the program. David Case, Deputy Inspector General at the Department of Veterans Affairs, told Government Matters that they agency has clamped down on fixing the issues, no matter how narrow or wide.


“Is the training consistent across the centers. Are the responders getting the necessary training? And a lot of it can be very specific and mechanical. Initially, when a call would come in, the responder would have the type out the call-in number. Well, that allows for human error and it allows for problems. You are distracted. They went to an automated system to do that,” Case said. “The changes were broad, the changes were specific and the VA undertook a sustained effort to make those changes and enhance their quality management program to push that forward.”


Veterans Crisis Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

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