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Veeral Majmudar, president & CEO of the Savan Group, and Kartik Mecheri, chief architect at Karsun Solutions discusses the efforts to digitize all federal records and what’s needed for the mandate to be successful.

A huge deadline for the government’s digital recordkeeping is right around the corner. The NARA 2022 Mandate signed by President Obama means that federal records must be 100% digital by the year 2022. Veeral Majmudar, president & CEO of the Savan Group, says that this is a difficult task for agencies. “It is a heavy lift for most agencies when you consider that NARA last year indicated [that] over 50% of agencies were still transferring paper records over to NARA. Furthermore, 46% of those agencies indicated that they have a legal requirement or precedent that requires them to keep their records in paper format,” Majmudar said. “What NARA is asking agencies to start doing is thinking about their plan is going forward, so that by late 2022, any record that is transferred over to NARA is fully digital.” Kartik Mecheri, chief architect at Karsun Solutions, told Government Matters that the most important part of the transition is keeping the end consumer in mind. “The end result, according to the plan that NARA’s put together, is [making] information available to the public. Which means it has to start ground up when you are actually digitizing. You have to keep the public in mind on how they are going to consume the records you are digitizing. The second step is what your overall digital strategy is moving from a paper-based process to an electronic process, keeping the consumers in mind and how the information is going to flow down to them.”

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