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Robert Work, former Deputy Secretary of Defense, discusses the need for ethical AI standards in government, and why it’s important that AI usage reflects our values.

The Defense Innovation Board recently released a report on the ethical implementation of artificial intelligence across the government. Robert Work, former Deputy Secretary of Defense, says ensuring that AI shares American values is incredibly important.

“AI will reflect the values of the governments that are pursuing them. Democratic governments are going to pursue AI in a fundamentally different way than authoritarian regimes are going to pursue AI. And we already see that playing out in China. So, it’s important that the United States, as one of the largest and important democracies in the world, state these principles out and say, ‘Let’s use these as a forum for debate,'” Work said. “We are definitely not going to use AI, for example, to monitor our servicemen and women, or in a political way. Whereas the Chinese have already indicated and demonstrated they’re comfortable doing something like that.”


Technology Innovation: Digital Roadmaps

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March 2021
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