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A review of the Office of Personnel Management and its potential merger into the General Services Administration is complete. The National Academy of Public Administration finds transferring some OPM duties to the Office of Management and Budget and merging others into the General Services Administration would not fix the problems OPM has.

  • Robert Shea, National Managing Principal for Public Policy at Grant Thornton, said the major benefit of this report is that it calls out and seeks to change OPM’s culture from being focused on compliance to being focused on improving the human capital management of agencies across the executive branch.
  • Shea said getting OPM to partner with not only the chief human capital officers but also the managers who need to hire and hold people accountable for performance could transform the human capital function of the federal government.
  • OPM has some statutory authority to study and share proven practices in human capital management; taking this more seriously and putting more resources into it could move the needle, said Shea.
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