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Irv Dennis, chief financial officer at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, discusses what the agency has learned from being part of the Centers of Excellence program, and how they’re looking to foster a collaboration culture.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is the second federal agency to work with the General Services Administration’s Centers of Excellence program. HUD is currently reviewing responses to requests for information relating to the initiative. Irv Dennis, chief financial officer at HUD, says that in addition to improving technology, the Centers of Excellence will also improve culture at the agency.


“The culture of HUD is very siloed. Programs doing their things and there wasn’t a great collaborative effort to get people to work together. The Secretary asked me to set up an agency-wide integrity task force which breaks down those barriers.” Dennis said. “The COE is really helping us think through cross-programs and getting us working together a little bit more. That has been very, very successful. Culture is hard to change. It can take three or four years in the private sector and perhaps even slower in the government, but we have made progress in that in the last year and a half.”

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