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Mika Cross, federal workplace expert, discusses changes to telework at the Social Security Administration, and the ramifications it could have across the federal workforce.

The Social Security Administration is cutting back even more on telework for their workforce. Employees at the Office of Quality Review will soon lose one day a week of telecommuting privileges, even though the current agreement has been in place for 20 years. Mika Cross, federal workplace expert, says that the agency should have consulted with the employees or unions before making this decision.


“Ask the employees who have been working this way for 20 plus years and have been enjoying a telework policy that has been flexible over a decade or more. Go back to your HR policies and take a look at the policies that are in place that are staying the same, whether that be compressed work schedules, flexible schedules, even part-time, to see what might work,” said Cross. “As we all know, federal employees are very dedicated to the mission. They understand what is required of them. I think clear communications and inviting them to the solution table at this late stage would make the best sense, especially in the early stages of rolling out a different policy.”

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