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David Powner, director of Strategic Engagement & Partnerships at MITRE, discusses the history of FITARA, and the effects the scorecard had on federal IT.

After 5 years, two agencies have officially received ‘A+’ grades on the FITARA scorecard. This is a long way from the scorecard’s first iteration. David Powner, Director, Strategic Engagement & Partnerships, MITRE, says that many things have changed since the start, and that the agencies who handle it best are the ones who have a handle on the technology.

“When you look at FITARA and the scorecard, there’s always back and forth. It is fair? We’re changing things. It’s a lot of basic blocking and tackling that should have been done anyways,” Powner said. “FITARA was really based on OMB policies. Data centers goes back to 2010, portfolio stat goes to 2012 A lot of these things have been around for a while. Folks that have been doing a good job, it’s because they’ve have been at this for years and have the appropriate processes to manage the delivery of technology.”


Technology Innovation: Digital Roadmaps

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