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Dave Wennergren, CEO of ACT-IAC, discusses the Cloud Smart strategy, and why moving to the cloud is a key modernization goal. 

The Office of Management and Budget’s new Cloud Smart Strategy provides a detailed framework for agencies to migrate functions and services to the cloud. Dave Wennergren, CEO of the American Council for Technology – Industry Advisory Council, says that moving to the cloud is a key modernization goal most for many enterprises, government included.”


“If you think about the age that people are growing up in now where we live off our smartphones and we’re able to be connected anywhere and do whatever we want. Time changes all things. There’s a recognition in the workforce of the future that this is the way that work gets done. There’s not a Fortune 100 company that isn’t in the cloud, that’s not using process robotics, that isn’t looking at security models differently. It is time to just move out,” Wennergren said.

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