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Brian Boxman, vice president of federal at Talend and Ryan Swann, head of federal practice at Collibra, discuss the impacts California’s new data privacy law could have on the federal government, and how it might change the nature of data use across state lines.

The California Consumer Privacy Act is the first law in the United States to establish a set of rules to ensure data privacy for the general public. The rule could change the nation’s data landscape, especially for agencies that do business in California and other states. Ryan Swann, head of federal practice at Collibra, says that the amount of data running through the government means that any state regulation of data could introduce complications for federal agencies.

“The federal government has more about data about citizens as they provide citizen facing services across a number of sectors. A lot of the technology that’s used in the government are from companies that are based in California and in other places around the country,” Swann said. “As we look at the various regulations that are happening, whether it’s California or a number of other states that have passed or are passing similar regulations, I think government professionals and decision makers have to consider the implications of that on the day to day.”

Brian Boxman, vice president of Federal at Talend says that a good data inventory is necessary for keeping data secure.

“What a good inventory looks like is a near real time snapshot of the data that you have in your ecosystem. There’s a lot of risk associated with data. Folks today believe that it can, if not managed appropriately, be a liability. Organizations are thinking all the time ‘How do we make our data an asset, how do we get real time access to the data, and ensure it is up to date,’” Boxman said.




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