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Capt. Kathryn Beasley, (USN Ret.), director of Government Relations and Health Affairs at the Military Officers Association of America, discusses concerns about potential cuts to military healthcare programs, and the impact it could have on 18,000 military personnel.

The DoD’s proposed cuts to military healthcare have been stymied by the House Armed Forces Committee’s decision to further analyze the effects that these cuts could have on military members. The Military Officers Association of America believes this is a good step. Kathy Beasley, director of Health Affairs and Government Relations at MOAA, explained to Government Matters that these cuts could limit critical services like pediatrics and obstetrics in favor of increasing medicine oriented towards warfighting.


“Some of these specialties, like pediatrics and obstetrics, those are linked to other training programs. You need to have all of those in places to have a robust surgical residency program. You can’t just cleave off other specialties and expect to train with them. It doesn’t work that way unless you want to rely on putting much more of the training of military professionals out in the civilian sector,” Beasley said.

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