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Eric Crusius, partner at Holland & Knight, discusses next steps for the General Services Administration’s schedules consolidation, and what contractors need to do to prepare.

The General Services Administration is working to simplify contracting by consolidating the agency’s numerous schedules into one. Now that their initial phase is complete, GSA is telling companies what they have to do to remain on the schedule and keep on with their existing contracts. Eric Crusius, partner at Holland & Knight, says that it’s up to companies to check the new rules.


“They have to accept the new terms and conditions by July 2020, or else they will lose their scheduled contracts. That’s the first thing. They need to review the terms and conditions of the new consolidated contract and see how they mesh with their old terms and conditions and see if there’s anything they want to take exception to,” Crusius said. “GSA recommends that if they are going to take exception to something, that they should do it by April of this year.”

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