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Emily Murphy, Administrator of the General Services Administration, gives an overview of GSA’s progress on its Multiple Awards Schedules consolidation

The General Services Administration is in the third phase of its Multiple Awards Schedules (MAS) consolidation. All of the existing schedules are merging into one MAS contract. GSA Administrator Emily Murphy spoke with “Government Matters” Sunday about this effort.

The result of the new single-schedule contract is a simpler process for customer agencies and vendors, Murphy said. Some of the benefits include fewer terms and conditions, only one contracting officer, and the ability to more easily work with the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).

There were initially about 14,000 contracts divided between 24 different schedules, according to Murphy. In phase one, GSA came up with a consolidated contract with standard terms and conditions and announced it at the end of the last fiscal year. Next, they started transitioning companies to the new contract. Currently, 99% of the companies are on board, which exceeds GSA’s original goal of 90% by the end of last month.

Phase three will involve helping the remaining 1% of the companies with multiple schedules transition, Murphy explained. She emphasized GSA will take the time to do this correctly, which may take up to five years, but a lot of the work will probably happen faster.

When asked about the possibility of more schedules being created in the future, Murphy said she is not concerned about that, because “the NAICS codes themselves cover pretty much anything anyone will ever want to buy – there’s no reason to create another contract vehicle.”

“Industry’s been embracing it, and our customer agencies have also been embracing it,” Murphy said of the new consolidated contract. “It’s not just GSA doing this for GSA’s sake; this is something that we heard from our customers and from our vendors that they really wanted.”

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