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Stephanie Shutt, director of the Multiple Award Schedule Program at GSA, details how the initiative is progressing, and what it means for future procurements.

The General Services Administration is chugging along in their plan to consolidate multiple award schedules into one. The deadline for the first phase of the program is coming up quickly, and the agency wants input from the industry members who utilize their catalogs. Stephanie Shutt, director of the Multiple Award Schedule Program at GSA, says that they want to remove the uncertainty involved in schedule selection.


“We found that through multiple feedback loops in different things that we’ve done we have had a lot of issues with consistency over the years. By bringing it from 24 into one, we’re really going to drive home that consistency,” Shutt said. “One way to get a contract, one way to work the contract. Agencies don’t have to figure out what kind of contract they need to have. We are removing that duplication. Because right now it is a guessing game. Which one do I fit in for industry? Are contracting officers deciding ‘Does that product or thing actually fit in this world?’ And then agencies trying to guess which one they want to put their request for quote against. This takes away that entire guessing game, removes that duplication, makes sure everything is consistent so everyone has the same experience.”

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