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Michael Garland, principal at Garland LLC, and Gaurav "GP" Pal, CEO and founder of stackArmor, discuss their article about IT Modernization, and why the current methods are outdated.

The House’s spending bills include billions of dollars for government IT modernization. While the funding is there to replace legacy systems, the methods might be more antiquated than the technology. Michael Garland, principal at Garland LLC, says that the current state of federal IT is fractured and disconnected.


“There’s no enterprise-wide imperative with targets and goals. Nobody has set something in the sand and said ‘We have to accomplish this by a certain date.’” Garland said. “In our opinion, it’s because of the way the budget works, and the way it goes out into these disparate components, We don’t look at it as an enterprise endeavor, we leave everybody to do their own thing.”


Gaurav “GP” Pal, CEO and founder of stackArmor, says that the ‘Silicon Valley’ model is an example to follow for the government,


“We’ve always believed that the Silicon Valley model is that venture capitalists have the money, we have really smart people who are entrepreneurs who will create things… We’ve got a venture fund, TMF. we have really smart people who know how to drive change, the Centers of Excellence, and we have smart policy, for example, Cloud Smart,” Pal said. “It’s that empowerment to be able to take this legacy process and run it through these new frameworks that are really exciting and help us move forward.”

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