Government Matters (Full Show) – July 8, 2018


On this weekend edition of Government Matters–

USCIS’ virtual assistant emerges as leading example in government AI

Mariela Melero, Chief of the Office of Citizenship & Applicant Information Services at United States Citizen and Immigration Services, details the AI successes at the agency and the digital tools they use to improve customer experience.

Section 809 Panel releases Volume 2 report to Congress

David Drabkin, chair of the Section 809 Panel, discusses the second part of the panel’s report on defense acquisition and most important recommendations included.

The Federal Beat – July 8, 2018

Aaron Boyd, senior editor at NextGov and Derek Johnson, staff writer at FCW, discuss some of the week’s top stories. Topics featured on this edition of the Federal Beat include the IRS’s IT challenges, how they might use AI to solve them and the new leadership at the General Services Administration’s 18F office