Inside the NGA (Full Show) – January 22, 2017


The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency finds itself at an information crossroads. GEOINT — a field formerly dominated by the Intelligence Community — has been democratized.

That democratization has added a dimension to the agency’s mission, according to NGA Director Robert Cardillo.

“Just as we provide an expert service about what we can learn, we also need to provide a defense if you will — or protection — against others who would use those same sources against us,” Cardillo said.

Democratized GEOINT data is also resulting in a new era of openness at NGA, and simultaneously fostering more competition and cooperation with the private sector.

NGA chief of mainstreaming capabilities Col. Mark DiPaolo said, ultimately, that data revolution will re-shape both classified and unclassified systems.

“The idea that you can do things differently business-wise and technology-wise is what we’re trying to grow across the enterprise,” DiPaolo said.

This month, NGA gave Government Matters unprecedented access to their state-of-the-art headquarters in Springfield, Va.

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