Government Matters (Full Show) — December 23, 2018


The partial government shutdown continued Sunday. Congress and the President could not agree on a funding deal to re-open nine federal departments and other government agencies.

The shutdown is partial because Congress passed and President Trump signed appropriations for the rest of government months ago.

For a status update on the shutdown and its impact on federal workers & contractors, watch the video above. It features insight and analysis from the following experts:

Jack Fitzpatrick, Congressional Reporter at Bloomberg Government
Aaron Boyd, Senior Editor at Nextgov
Jessica Klement, Staff Vice President of Advocacy at NARFE
Dan Blair, Senior Counselor at the Bipartisan Policy Center
Terry Gerton, President and CEO of NAPA
Stan Soloway, Founder of Celero Strategies

For more information, check out these Agency Contingency Plans from the Office of Management and Budget.