Government Matters (Full Show) – December 18, 2018


OMB issues update to Trusted Internet Connections policy–

Tim Young, principal at Deloitte, and Colin Soutar, senior manager for cyber risk at Deloitte, discuss the Trusted Internet Connections policy, and how changes to it could make cloud more widespread in government.

Impact of Paperwork Reduction Act on government digital efforts–

Nick Sinai, former deputy U.S. CTO and venture partner at Insight Venture Partners, discusses how tech modernization efforts could be impacted by Paperwork Reduction Act regulations, and IT legislation making its way through Congress.

Army ‘Shark Tank’ challenges small businesses to create new tech–

Robert Levinson, senior defense analyst at Bloomberg Government discusses the Army’s search for tech from non-traditional defense contractors, and the Air Force’s pursuit of “Space Launch as a Service”