Government Matters Defense (Full Show) – June 27, 2018


On this edition of Government Matters Defense–


The state of U.S. Army installations

Richard Kidd IV, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Strategic Integration, details the Army’s plan for “smart installations” and how they are key to recruiting the future warfighter.


U.S. Navy weaponry challenges

Jerry Hendrix, vice president of Telemus Group, discusses the Navy’s work developing state-of-the-art weapons and how the existence of a Chinese railgun should change the Pentagon’s priorities.


The Pentagon Beat – June 27, 2018

Politico Defense Reporter Jacqueline Klimas and reporter Oriana Pawlyk discuss top stories from the Department of Defense. Topics on this edition of the Pentagon Beat include Trump ordering DoD to stand up a Space Force, efforts to speed up space acquisition and the investigation into a why a KC-10’s emergency slides didn’t deploy.