Government Matters Defense (Full Show) – August 1, 2018


Report: Rebuilding America’s military for future conflicts

Dakota Wood, senior research fellow for Defense Programs at the Heritage Foundation, discusses his report on how the military should prepare for future wars, and the importance of rapid experimentation.

Challenges ahead for the Army’s Futures Command

Reggie Brothers, former under secretary for Science & Technology at the Department of Homeland Security and Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer at Peraton, discusses some issues that Army Futures Command will have to tackle as it stands up, such as integration and budget.

The Pentagon Beat – August 1, 2018

Defense One Global Business Editor Marcus Weisgerber and USNI News Deputy Editor Megan Eckstein discuss the top stories from the Department of Defense. Topics on this edition of the Pentagon Beat include details from the RIMPAC military exercises, and new developments regarding the ‘Space Force.’