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Diana Maurer, director of Defense Capabilities & Management at GAO, discusses how the Pentagon's AT&L reorganization impacted their anti-corrosion efforts.

The split of the Pentagon’s office of Acquisition, technology and logistics meant that the Office of Corrosion Mitigation had to move. The Government Accountability Office reports that while they still have outstanding recommendations, the move hasn’t introduced new ones. Diana Maurer, director of Defense Capabilities & Management at GAO, says that many of their notes are being addressed by the office.


“More than half of them have been implemented fully and we are very pleased about that. 18 of the 35 have been implemented already. The Defense Department has plans to implement 12 of the remaining recommendations and there are 5 recommendations where they have said they are not going to be taking steps to implement what we asked them to do,” Maurer said. “That sounds like an area of concern, but when we first issued our reports over the last many years, there are 11 instances where DoD said, ‘We are not going to concur with the GAO recommendations.’ They have since changed their mind, stepped up to the plate and started taking action on things they previously not concurred with.

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