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Kaitlyn Johnson, associate director of the CSIS Aerospace Security Project, discusses how the Space Force plays into military authorization negotiations

The Space Force is one of the biggest items up for debate in this years National Defense Authorization Act. With the NDAA late and Congress racing to fund the government before the next continuing resolution, the fate of the Space Force is up in the air. Kaitlyn Johnson, Associate Director of the CSIS Aerospace Security Project says that the potential sixth military service is being held up for negotiations.


“The NDAA has been slightly delayed, likely because of border wall funding. I can see the House Democrats using the Space Force, which is something that the administration is championing, as leverage to reduce or eliminate some border wall funding. Between those issues, it is really a continued debate,” Johnson said. “Hopefully we will have it out soon. There are rumors floating around, as they do, that maybe we’ll hear by the end of the week, but who knows.”

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