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Col. Frank Sobchak (USA, Ret.) details how the military can contextualize Iran’s recent actions by recalling their activity during the Iraq War.

The U.S. has deployed a naval strike group to the Persian Gulf as a response to threats from Iran. Col. Frank Sobchak (USA, Ret.), Co-Author of a study on the Iraq War, says that we can learn from Iran’s actions during that conflict to know how they may react in future situations. Sobchak told Government Matters that maintaining deterrence is a good, but difficult strategy.


“Deterrence is a very difficult balance. In some ways I think it’s very appropriate in an on-target. It hearkens back to Teddy Roosevelt’s ‘speak softly and carry a big stick.’ Given that the majority of it’s naval forces, this perfectly matches it,” Sobchak said. “That said, I think you have to be careful to try to avoid miscalculations on both sides. In particular, the Iranian regime has a domestic political audience that they have to play to, so there are challenges with that.”

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