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Charles Phalen, director of the National Background Investigation Bureau at the Office of Personnel Management, discusses the agency’s move from OPM to DoD, and the current status of the background check backlog.

The transfer of background investigations is now official. Effective June 24, the Defense Department will take over background checks and clearances from the Office of Personnel Management. Charles Phalen, director of the National Background Investigation Bureau at OPM, says the renamed Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency will maintain continuity after the transition is complete.

“The target date to finish the transition is the 1st of October. This was not a surprise this was coming, we knew about it for a long time. While we’ve been waiting, both my organization and the Defense Security Service have been working very closely together to iron out any hiccups that there may be,” Phalen said. “In many ways, the integration has already begun. We have several precepts to get through this. Number one: mission should not be interrupted. We are providing a service today to 105 agencies, the same 105 agencies will still be the Department of Defense’s customer.”

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