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Lauren Knausenberger, director of cyberspace innovation at the Air Force, discusses the Kessel Run team’s software successes and explains what’s up with all the sci-fi references.

The Air Force’s Kessel Run software development team is getting attention from across the Department of Defense, and now they all want a piece of the action. The team, named for their ‘smuggling’ of agile software into the branch, has seen major success in pushing cutting-edge solutions into the field. Lauren Knausenberger, director of cyberspace innovation at the Air Force, says that the group is a stepping stone for bringing in modern best practices into the department.


“A lot of times the bureaucracy is just ripe for insertion of commercial best practices. Frankly, the Air Force is so ready for adoption commercial best practices. It is finding that insertion point in the bureaucracy. Sometimes it takes the right person in the bureaucracy,” Knausenberger said. “In this case, I asked for authority as an authorizing official so we could try some of these concepts. I can personally say ‘You know what, I stand by this. I’m going to put my name on the table and take this risk.’ When you have

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