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Ron Thompson, Chief Data Officer at NASA, details how NASA is transforming its technology in three key areas: work, workforce and workplace

The government’s civilian space agency is undergoing a technology transformation. NASA’s leadership says it’s transforming in three different ways.

Ron Thompson, Chief Data Officer and Deputy Digital Transformation Officer at NASA, spoke with Francis Rose from “Government Matters” about the three areas of transformation, which are work, the workforce and the workplace.

Thompson said these are the three tiers of how NASA delivers its complex mission. NASA’s work gets more complex every year, and the agency is expected to deliver on shorter timelines while also inspiring the world in what they do.

With the workforce, “we are really looking for a way that we seamlessly integrate our employee experience at NASA,” said Thompson. “We really want to energize our people and make sure they’re connected throughout the enterprise consistently.”

Thompson said a major tenet of changing the culture during this transformation is recognizing that they work better collectively than alone. “That realization that we need to come together and have that synergy to absolutely chip in and see where we need to move as an agency” has been key.

As for the workplace, Thompson said NASA is focused on working in a flexible, adaptable cyber work environment that is as effective and efficient as possible.

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